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A Warm Summer Evening Bike Ride_Lancaster PA | stickboybike

There are times when people help you out in life. There are times when you're called upon to suddenly help out that person or people as well. Mike, the guy in the bright green jersey has been there in my life when I least expected it. For mentoring me with fitness, work ethic, motivation, and staying present during times of chaos. Mike always puts others first in his life. Like many who walk that path, sometimes need a bit of help themselves with getting back on the horse- staying active, making good food choices, and exercise. I've been able to get Mike back on the bike for the past couple of weeks. Nothing heavy, just steady riding, steady motion, and fresh air. He seems to really be enjoying the bike. The woman on Mike's right is my rock. Friends for several years. She too expanded my horizons with goal setting; training in the gym, long-distance self-supported rides, and an appreciation for good gin. The wheat is tall and the shadows are long. Give me more of thos