Climbing the Welsh Mtns - Lancaster PA | stickboybike

I hope you all are taking advantage of the good weather on the weekends, to put in some miles.

Last weekend Kitmonster and I hopped on our Bianchi bikes and knocked off a 100k loop that took us up through the Welsh Mountains. I took my gravel bike as I'm still shaking down the reliability of the new rear tire- Panaracer Gravelking 38mm slick tire. So far it's holding up.

This route never disappoints me, with its rolling hills in and out of the 'Welshies'. And it's heavy, two-mile climbs with the second climb reach 1000' of verticle elevation. (That's a mountain for Pennsylvania, but maybe not Vermont.)

I shot this quick video with my iPhone X during the last climb and I'm always amazed by the built-in stabilization of that phone. It's no replacement for a good Go-Pro set up or a mirrorless camera for vlogging, but hey, I'm not going after that.

Have a good one!


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