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RECAP: Little Britain 200k | PA Randonneurs

2020 brings a new calendar for the Pennsylvania Randonneurs and this past Saturday was the opener for the season. The Little Britain 200k . My happy ass did not have the base miles to carve out 125 miles that day but Kit, always having that fitness on hand, registered for the event. After 2 days of hard rains, the weather was looking pretty damp for the brevet and a little slice of me was glad I was not doing it. However, a bit of me was sad that I was not joining Kit on her first 200k ride since she moved to the Keystone state. So the least I could do is roll out to the start of the ride, reconnect with Andrew Mead (RBA) the organizer, and say hello to some of the riders whom I met last year at the Victory to Remember 200k. With lights on the bike, at 5:50am we pushed off towards the starting point of the ride. The meetup point was at The Shops at Landis Valley. The 20-minute bike ride to the start was under the darkness of the early morning and covered under a blanket of dense