Transformation Tuesday | Skin Deep Edition

Change starts with 'you'.
Transformation Tuesday isn’t always about getting buns of steel (yeah, I’m showing my age) or dropping 50 lbs from your mid-line. 

7 years ago I made the choice to start racing cyclocross. 
This put me in front of some wonderful people (thx to S. Mealey). This community of people was much like the individuals I hung out with in school during my skating and BMX days... open-minded, artistic, anti-establishment, vegetarian and vegan, basically counterculture and inclusive. It was easy for me to gel into this subset of the cycling world.

During those years of racing and training, the movement for clean eating came to the forefront in the form of cookbooks from Skratch Labs.

My friends starting cooking this stuff which motivated me to take the journey to try new foods. Always loving to cook, my enthusiasm for food kept developing and suddenly plant-based athletes such as Rich Roll, John Joseph started to pop up in my YouTube feed. I got hooked on their backstory of how they could do endurance sports on a plant-based or a vegan diet. (Watching the movie- What the Health seemed to light the match for me.) Age seemed something you could defy going this route.

I don’t plan on doing an Ironman or run an Ultra.
But the fascination of how and why these athletes eat what they eat, pushed me farther to explore these food possibilities. In May I took that next step and went plant-based. 

The first month was rough. I had some crazy blood pressure stuff going on that led to my eyesight flaking out in my right eye a couple of times. There were moments when my digestion seemed like it was working overtime... all along with an understanding that this was the storm I had to ride out to reach those sunny days.

It’s only been 4 months of plant-based eating but I feel amazingly good. 
I read about the bennies of this and figured it was hype or fluff. I gotta admit it is not. In fact, I drink less coffee (gasp!) because I’m now more alert, I no longer get those annoying heart palpations that I’ve had for the past 20 years or ocular migraines, I’ve dropped 15 lbs (wasn’t trying folks!), recovery days seem less intense due to less inflammation from the diet, and I have a new arsenal of food to cook along with a need to go buy a new chef’s knife. Haha!

This video is me hitting a quick lunchtime lift session.
I haven’t done this in 4 months (don’t hate on my form, tried using the mirror to check as you’ll see in the clip). I’m not trying to get swole, hit a PR, nor have anything to prove... other than the fact that taking the time to work on your inner game will allow you to put your head in a good space. Matched with a kind-diet, opens up doors to a level of mindfulness that this 46-year-old can wrap his head around.

Big thanks to those who have motivated me. 
Big thanks from the plant base world, athletes and musicians- Doyle W. Von Frankenstein, Rich Roll, John Joseph, Sonya Looney, Avant-Garde Vegan by Gaz Oakley, Adam Myerson, and Nimai Delgado.

Go out there and get after it, folks!

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