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Transformation Tuesday | Skin Deep Edition

Change starts with 'you'. Transformation Tuesday isn’t always about getting buns of steel (yeah, I’m showing my age) or dropping 50 lbs from your mid-line.  7 years ago I made the choice to start racing cyclocross.   This put me in front of some wonderful people (thx to S. Mealey). This community of people was much like the individuals I hung out with in school during my skating and BMX days... open-minded, artistic, anti-establishment, vegetarian and vegan, basically counterculture and inclusive. It was easy for me to gel into this subset of the cycling world. During those years of racing and training, the movement for clean eating came to the forefront in the form of cookbooks from Skratch Labs. My friends starting cooking this stuff which motivated me to take the journey to try new foods. Always loving to cook, my enthusiasm for food kept developing and suddenly plant-based athletes such as Rich Roll, John Joseph started to pop up in my YouTube feed. I got hook