Moving Forward With Your Musical Tastes

We don't see each other much.
Maybe once a year at best but still, keep in touch via text messages. A few years ago while spending time with David my BIL, he plugged his iPhone into the dash of his son's FJ Cruiser to play me what he's been listening to as of late. When we do get together, we immediately quiz each other about what the other has been recently listening to.

David and I share a love for simple riffs and a guilty pleasure for '90s hard rock. No, I'm not going to use the term Grunge Music. However, in this story, he cues up Angry Chair by Alice In Chains. The opening bassline and first couple chords of this song were lost on me back when I saw them in 1992 as the opening act for Van Halen.

Fast forward 20 years.
The majority the music I've been listening to has been heavier. Chugging rhythms and tuned super low stuff. I blame it on the regular gym and bike workouts which I've kept motivated by listening to more metalcore, Black Flag/ Rollins Band, and doom blues bands such as Sasquatch, Orange Goblin, Sword, and The Atomic Bitchwax.

All these layers of music have opened a portal.
It has brought me back to other albums I dismissed a half a lifetime ago. Metallica's ...And Justice For All is one of them. There are some bangers on that album. Have a listen to AJFA if it's been awhile for you.

This video is a reminder of that taste which has developed over the years, in the back of my mouth-- sort of like James burp, 4 minutes into this performance?


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