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I'm 19 years old. Again.

Despite being a professed numbers nerd, I bombed at most things math related in grade school. This doesn't mean I gamble or play the lottery. Numbers or a series of numbers can trip off something in me, snap me to attention.  In this recent case, moments of frequency, that makes me think--  Okay, how does this relate to my life. Hell, let's blame all this on the hours in my life I burned away playing Dungeons & Dragons, rolling those multi-sided dice, hoping that my third level Cleric spell takes off enough Hit Points on the opposing beast so the campaign can proceed. RIP Gary Gygax. The number is 1991. This week, an old friend of mine posted on  +Facebook  something that tripped the numbers thing.  It was 1991 and he was skateboarding on a vert ramp in an old barn- Buster's Ramp as it was affectionately known by the crew I biked with back then. This led me to comment on the photo, then before you know it got me thinking about this dude I rode anoth