Product Spotlight: 2017 Bianchi All Road

2017 Bianchi All Road Tiagra | $1599.99 

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The All Road best suits the needs of riders looking to enjoy endless miles off the grid - whether their excursions take them up fire roads, down gravel roads, over mountain bike trails or all of the above.

Bianchi closely studied the needs for mixed surface and all road cycling. By borrowing successful bits of frame geometry, tubing profiles, and tubing construction methods; they are able to provide you a bike like nothing ever made before in their 130 years of bicycle design.

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One of Bianchi's best selling road bikes is the Impulso. From reputable gran fondo events to the brutally rough, cobblestone raced roads at Paris – Roubaix, the Impulso has done it all. With an accolade like that, Bianchi designed the rear end of the All Road to that of the Impulso. Taking things a bit further for the All Road, they added disc brakes and larger tire fitment. The chainstays have been stretched over their original length. At the drop outs you will find rack/fender bosses and at the other end, a lower-than-cyclocross bottom bracket drop. Lower and longer equates to faster and more stability over rough terrain.

Bianchi All Road in Louisville, KY. On site of the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships
Retaining the hallmark Bianchi ride quality isn’t easy. This benchmark is met by utilizing the tubing profiles of the light weight euro-only criterium race bike- the Freccia Celeste. Triple butted aluminum tubing provides the rider an efficient pedaling platform when grinding out against the headwinds during your next bikepacking adventure. The All Road’s stiff downtube and bottom bracket region make quick work of each pedal stroke. The tall chainstay profiles keep the rear end tracking straight and resist pedal induced twisting as you out sprint others to the next brevet checkpoint. The tapered steer tube of the carbon fiber fork allows you to fit a 40mm tire. The frame’s rear end accepts a 38mm tire. The All Road’s tapered steer tube keeps the steering precise and reduces the amount of downtube twisting when you’re out of the saddle, stomping on the pedals.

Bianchi All Road Bar in Mableton, GA
The compact bend handlebar on the All Road has a distinct flare at the bottom of the drops. This allows you to stay comfortable as you hold the handlebar and open up your chest for better breathing and steering leverage. On your next overnight bike trip, this flare lets you mount under the bar up to a 20-inch stuff sack. That’s more than enough space to carry your sleeping pad, single person tent, and a compressible jacket.

Bianchi All Road Reparto Corse Tubeless Wheels
Traction and pinch flat protection are paramount. For this, when it comes to off-road riding, mountain bikers unanimously use tubeless tires. The All Road gives you that convenience with its Reparto Corse tubeless-ready wheelset. The All Road rims are 40gr less than the rims on the Volpe Disc and are laced to sealed bearing hubs of Shimano SLX-level weight specifications. The rim profile features an Off Center shape. An OC rim allows for more even/ balanced spoke tension between the drive and non-drive side of the wheel. Better balance means less lateral wheel flex and more rider control. With approved tubeless rim tape, stems, sealant, and tires, you can travel worry free on the All Road. There are many dirt, gravel, and all-road tire profiles to choose from. Pick your tread style and tire size according to the terrain you most frequently ride.

A reliable parts package from Shimano anchors the All Road for your riding needs. Compact gearing and a wide range cassette make quick work of the flattest or steeply pitched roads that come your way. 


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