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Product Review: Bianchi Bicycles | Soft Shell Vest.

I've become a firm believer of a good softshell jacket. I've had a soft shell jacket for 10 years and it's been bombproof, warm, and comfortable. It's basic black; so it's been worn during alley cat racing , commuting, snowboarding, and even out to a date night with Mrs. Bikewife. photo credit: Scott Kingsley Photography Here I am wearing said jacket with Tim Johnson at the rainy 2015 Farm to Fork Fondo in Orange Co, NY. The water and wind resistant nylon outer shell with its Polartec 100 grade backing lends itself to rock solid insulation. It's so good that one February I wore it snowboarding in Vermont when tempuratures were in the low 30s. That day, I wore a Polartec 200 fleece vest as the mid-layer and a double-layer baselayer. I was surprisingly warm that day during the runs at Mt. Snow. Granted this old trusty softshell could now use a healthy treatment of Nikwax so the rain doesn't bleed-out on it when I'm caught in a rainstorm but