Product Review: Vitargo S2 | Fastest Muscle Fuel

The great thing about my job are events.

People feel compelled to come up to our tents and tell me a story about their Bianchi. No other bicycle color can conjure up as much emotion, passion, and the need to connect with other owners through the telling of stories and sharing memories of past rides aboard their trusty steed.

A woman stopped by my tent during the 2014 +Interbike Outdoor Demo to share her story. After the pleasantries, I asked her what she was doing at the demo. Her name is Bernie Wooster and she is the co-CEO of Vynna LLC

Vynna is a women's specific- formulated performance nutrition brand. Their drink mix is pro-carbohydrates; has university-based scientific research backing the claims of no sugar, no bloat, no crash, gluten free and immediate digestion of carbs making it ideal for high intensity training and competition. 

I give all entrepreneurs a chance to pitch me their product and knowing how delicate my gut is when it comes to sports drinks, took the offer of trying out her Vitargo S2 mix. 

You can get the single serving packets or the tub. There are specific instructions on how to mix this powder so I recommend you do your best to follow them and let it dissolve overnight. (If you rush and slam the mix into a bottle with cool water and shake it up, the mix becomes gelatinous.) 

In my age, I find myself not so much trying to buy speed on the bike or look for that magic pill to help me generate more watts, but rather keeping an open mind as to what works in my body and what doesn't. All too often cyclists find a drink mix they like and stick with it for a decade(s).

Having a late start on prep work for cyclocross racing, I hunkered down with a self prescribed training program, marked some key races to peak for and cued up the Vitargo S2 in the water bottle. The only training component that was being altered was the drink mix. I figured it would be a sink or swim situation.

Drinking my normal amount of bottles during indoor and outdoor sessions, I turned off the OCD and let the body speak for itself with regards to the consumption of my new drink mix. I put in some big blocks of work, week after week, resting when required.

Since the first bottle Vitargo S2, it was business as usual. That was a relief and Bernie Wooster's claims of no bloat was spot in. The mix was smooth and didn't leave a sickening sweet coating on my tongue either. Better yet, I didn't have a Cyclist's Cough at the end of my rides like some drink mixes have done to me years ago. 

During indoor training I noticed I was able to push harder and hold efforts a bit longer. Note- indoor trainer work is void of stop signs, traffic, and other distractions that break your cadence; so I still rely on it for structured, uninterrupted work. Mid-December I made the comment to my instructor that many of the sessions I was getting cross-eyed. I chalked it up to the rapid muscle fueling of the Vitargo S2 and being able to push and hold that threshold effort.

NoFilm Photography: Bikenetic CX (2014) &emdash;
+Bikenetic BikenetiCX Sportif Cup race, December 2015- Masters 35+ 3/4. 7th place. My best finish in the 4 years of racing cyclocross.

I'm impressed with Vitargo S2. My use of the mix was mostly as Intra-workout. I did use it in my bottle as a preload a hour before my cyclocross races. My stomach fully accepted it with no digestion or discomfort issues.

I like all the flavors- orange, grape, and tropical fruit. They have an unflavored version which is ideal for recovery shakes and smoothies. I'm definitely adding Vitargo S2 to my drink supply when I head into cyclocross season! 


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