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Why your pain cave just got a little darker with the new SRAM road groupset.

Today, SRAM officially launched their new 1x11 drivetrain. Put this on your Wednesday Worlds, Tuesday Time Trial, or Lunchtime Hammer-fest bike. Bikes are slowly becoming more specialized for the region you're riding and having a bike with a groupset as such, designates it for a specific use-- fast and flat terrain. Not quite Priest, not quite AC/DC?

Product Review: Vitargo S2 | Fastest Muscle Fuel

The great thing about my job are events. People feel compelled to come up to our tents and tell me a story about their Bianchi. No other bicycle color can conjure up as much emotion, passion, and the need to connect with other owners through the telling of stories and sharing memories of past rides aboard their trusty steed. A woman stopped by my tent during the 2014 +Interbike  Outdoor Demo to share her story. After the pleasantries, I asked her what she was doing at the demo. Her name is Bernie Wooster and she is the co-CEO of Vynna LLC .  Vynna is a women's specific- formulated performance nutrition brand. Their drink mix is pro-carbohydrates; has university-based scientific research backing the claims of no sugar, no bloat, no crash, gluten free and immediate digestion of carbs making it ideal for high intensity training and competition.  I give all entrepreneurs a chance to pitch me their product and knowing how delicate my gut is when it comes to sports drinks,