Tasting notes and food at Terminal Brewhouse- Chattanooga, TN.

My job takes me to the far reaches of the territory. From Philly to Macon, GA to Nashville, TN, I pound out the miles in my Honda Element, all in the name of loving bicycles, retail, and the people involved with these two topics.

Naturally you have to eat while on the road. And some trips I'm packing a tote full of kitchen supplies like my rice cooker and french press; other trips I'm relying on my iPhone to find me the closest brew pub.

Last year I found a place I really like in Chattanooga, TN. This time through I was tempted to return there but decided to try a new location. That's when I discovered Terminal Brewhouse.

I slid up to the bar, grabbed a stool and menu. Justin greeted me from behind the bar and I was instantly fixated on his beard ring. Beard envy that was rad beyond compare. 

With two beverages as my limit, I ordered the lighter of the two, first. 

Magnum PA India Pale Ale. I immediately noticed the rocky foam on top, it hung there for a while as I wasn't ready to dive into the cold beer.... let it settle for a couple of minutes, knowing my food would be out soon. It was cloudy as a good IPA should be. After the courtesy sips to rid the head, I finally hit the bulk of this ale. The bitterness wasn't as much as the brewery described on their overhead board; maybe it was an insurance clause? A sweet and malty nose was immediate which reminded me of an Imperial IPA. A bit fizzy on the tongue with a smooth malty finish that lingered for a comfortable length-- aka, not hoppy enough to wreck your tastebuds for the rest of your meal. Very good!

 If you're going to have a salad, at least have some cow and potatoes on that damn thing! West By God salad. An amazing combination of greens, crunchy pecans, blue cheese and tender beef.

To round out the evening-- Terminal's Twist and Stout. Justin poured this one really well. A hefty head visually teetering on the edge of nitro but not that creamy. A dark body with a nose of mild chocolate and smokiness. Sweet and smooth in the mouth and a lingering bitterness to remind you that this isn't a poser stout. It was refreshing to come back to a classic dry stout like this after many glasses of choco-coffee/peanut butter/jelly-esk flavored stouts. Simple and solid!

Terminal's building has various floors with the lower level reserved for the brewing. The upper floors are for dining when you want some distance from the noise of the bar area. 

Check them out here--

Terminal Brewhouse | Web Promo from Juncture on Vimeo.


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