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Tasting notes and food at Terminal Brewhouse- Chattanooga, TN.

My job takes me to the far reaches of the territory. From Philly to Macon, GA to Nashville, TN, I pound out the miles in my Honda Element, all in the name of loving bicycles, retail, and the people involved with these two topics. Naturally you have to eat while on the road. And some trips I'm packing a tote full of kitchen supplies like my rice cooker and french press; other trips I'm relying on my iPhone to find me the closest brew pub. Last year I found a place I really like in Chattanooga, TN. This time through I was tempted to return there but decided to try a new location. That's when I discovered Terminal Brewhouse . I slid up to the bar, grabbed a stool and menu. Justin greeted me from behind the bar and I was instantly fixated on his beard ring. Beard envy that was rad beyond compare.  With two beverages as my limit, I ordered the lighter of the two, first.  Magnum PA India Pale Ale. I immediately noticed the rocky foam on top, it hung there for a