How my expectations were exceeded by a broken handle and fast thumbs.

Pedros chimed in on this post.

I did follow up with Pedros and emailed them my shipping details. In a about a week, a package arrived at my doorstep. Still feeling no level of entitlement for the replacement item, I tore open the package and smiled.

I have a new brush.

What I admire most from this engagement of brand to consumer, is that on a whim, I hashtagged the company in the Instagram post. Not knowing their Twitter or Instagram handle, I had set to test the waters of their social media management.

The fact that Pedros reached out to me through my Instagram post is proof that they are doing some level of monitoring for their brand. What are others posting about your brand? Search the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, and the results will be there.

My biggest pet peeve of a brand is when they are heavy with 'making noise online' (i.e., posting 5-8 times a day clogging up your feed) and not proactively engaging with their end user or consumer. When you post too often, you're setting up yourself to lose a Follower or Like(r). Much like chain lube, some (postings) is good, more is not necessarily better!

Any business worth their salt uses some level of monitoring the interwebs to protect, analyze, and engage with users regarding what others are saying about their brand. Engagement builds community, strengthens the image of the business, and goods you are selling to the public.

Simple tools such as Hootsuite and Google Alerts can be used with much effectiveness when it comes to monitoring what others are saying online about you. Not using those free tools, shows you have no interest how your market perceives you or what they are saying about you. And in some cases opens up your brand to being a punching bag on social media should one post go awry by an unhappy consumer.

I've experienced how this monitoring and engagement can bring an ugly situation to a grinding halt and resolve the issue in a timely manner. (How much time to spend on monitoring is a whole other discussion, but not today.)

I have bike to clean.

Hats off to Pedros!
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