What's on your iPod and what's under you as a bike?

I've spent the past 24hr in a fit of OCD, reconfiguring my old iPhones-now internet music players, with new selections of albums and such. The old iPhone 2G from 2007 is an 8G device and is unsupported by the latest version of Slacker Radio and Pandora. That means no streaming of internet radio. Instead I populated the unit with every Cure, DM, REM, college alt bands because I'm blasty pasty like that. The funny thing is the device runs faster now that it's been wiped clean and started anew.

So that brings us to today- Friday. Despite the 2G now playing Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, and it's foggy and misty outside, I will not do a header off the bridge as one would expect with this cocktail of music and weather. To the contrary, I'm feeling a bit stoked.

Stoked because my neighbor across the street, a marathon runner, road bike spinner, has recently purchased his first cyclocross bike. Yes! One more soldier to add to the rock brigade. He plans on doing a long ride on the Great Allegheny Passage in addition to commuting to work. I passed him on the road this morning as I drove my kids to school. Through the mist and fog, blinker light, backpack and all, he smiled and waved as I passed him in the Element.

On the return trip home, the lingering collection of moms were chatting at the bus stop. Joining her kid's walk to the end of the street, one of them had rode her bicycle to the bus stop. This made me smile this morning. Her husband bought a flat bar road bike this summer too. I owe him some saddle-time.

I love seeing the bicycle slowly integrated into the lives of my neighbors. And I love this morning's cup of joe from my Moka Maker.

I'm flying out to Vegas next week for Interbike. This is my ninth time at the show and my seventh year as an industry professional.

Monday and Tuesday is the Outdoor Demo where I'll be putting butts on bikes in support of our award winning +Bianchi USA Infinito CV. I have to fly with my tool case so I hope the TSA is kind to my luggage.

The booth at +Interbike will be stocked with new models. From what I can recall, this show should have more new models than my prior years with the company. Much of the growth in our categories has come from our Urban, Cyclocross, Commuter, and Adventure bike category. 

It's funny, I have to slow down and compartmentalized the bikes when describing them to consumers and retailers. Three seasons ago it was business as usual with the growth of certain bikes in niche categories. Now the Big Dogs of the bike industry are having a run at this-- gravel bike, dirt road, all road, cyclocross-it's-not-a-race-bike category. Sometimes it takes a bigger megaphone to gain credibility in a product category that's already been alive and kicking with small brands like the one I work for.

Let's face it. Over 15 years ago, we (my surrounding bike friends) were riding cyclocross bikes to the bike shop as a commuter bike. We shredded trails in the fall season because leaf covered roots made riding fun and unpredictable.

It's taken about ten years for the major companies to bring this all road-gravel, etc bike to the mainstream in an effort to capitalize on this demographic of ridership. I guess when road bike sales are down, mountain bikes sales are back on Viagra and women are dragging their feet to buy from over masculated brands, you have lay down the cards in your hand and ask to be dealt a new hand.

There is definitely more push for road disc brake equipped bikes by the big manufacturers, than there is pull from the consumer. The verdict is still not in-- whether or not roadies want the extra weight and increased costs of a disc brake equipped road bike. On a cyclocross bike that's not raced, in my book, the weight is an irrelevant topic.

I've been riding the Zurigo Apex Disc bike for a few months and absolutely love it. I have Clement LAS tires on the bike and pump them up to 65psi when riding on the road. I haven't been on a bike this enjoyable and carefree since I had my Pista back in 2009. Yes the discs on this bike occasionally howl, but I'm fine with the noise. You'll know if I'm coming up behind you. If the disc brakes do not announce my approach, my ringing bell will give you a heads up.

I'll do my best to put some Interbike entries on this site next week. Until then, have a rad weekend!


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