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What's on your iPod and what's under you as a bike?

Nesting. I've spent the past 24hr in a fit of OCD, reconfiguring my old iPhones-now internet music players, with new selections of albums and such. The old iPhone 2G from 2007 is an 8G device and is unsupported by the latest version of Slacker Radio and Pandora. That means no streaming of internet radio. Instead I populated the unit with every Cure, DM, REM, college alt bands because I'm blasty pasty like that. The funny thing is the device runs faster now that it's been wiped clean and started anew. So that brings us to today- Friday. Despite the 2G now playing Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, and it's foggy and misty outside, I will not do a header off the bridge as one would expect with this cocktail of music and weather. To the contrary, I'm feeling a bit stoked. Stoked because my neighbor across the street, a marathon runner, road bike spinner, has recently purchased his first cyclocross bike. Yes! One more soldier to add to the rock brigade . He plans on doing