Sneakers for dealing with anger.

#converse sneakers. 

Simple and easy to wear. I got my first pair back in 8th grade. For some reason my school was selling them for a fund raiser. Right around that time I was getting into skate boarding and many of my friends wore Chuck Taylor's. They had good board feel and didn't cost much. Their canvas shell lent themselves to displaying artwork of those inclined to take a pen or a Sharpie, scrawling Minor Threat, Black Flag and possibly drop ramps, not bombs down the side of the shoe. 

Fast forward to me buying a pair of size 12, red high tops. As mean as many kids are in middle school, ridiculed me for having Ronald McDonald feet. Big. Red feet. That was the last I wore them to school. I skated in them and as the outside area wore from grip-tape rubbing away the canvas from doing ollies, we'd slap a piece of duct tape over the hole. It was a right of passage. Yea, I ollie the crap over stuff. See my duct tape. Let's face it, that's why Vision Street Wear built up their rubber side sole to cover that area. Then again, having a hole kept things core. 

Almost 30 years later and I've grabbed a pair of these to wear at #interbike. I need easy, comfortable shoes. And those kids that made fun of me and my big red sneakers, I'll be squashing that anger for another year during this season's cyclocross races. 

Thanks Hugh, Kirk and Ricky for standing by me.


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