Stage 5 of Le Tour was won on your next bike.

Last year during Interbike 2013, I was having a chat with our product manager from Italy, Angelo Lecchi and the topic was cyclocross. 

I'm sure we were throwing around ideas about specing a new bike for the US market along with me sharing the stoke of Sven Nys racing later Wednesday night at Cross Vegas Cyclocross Race.

I told Angelo that I was excited to see the World Champion Sven Nys, race that night. Angelo pauses and looks up with a grin and says in his best English-- 'There's only one true cyclocross World Champion.'

I'm like, really? Who?

Angelo replies, 'Lars. Boom.'

Really? Hmm, I answered. At that point he knew we were probably close to signing him and Belkin for the 2014 season.

Good stuff. I love my job.

Here's my post from our demo page--

Stage 5 of today's Le Tour De France was won by Team Belkin Pro Cycling Team Lars Boom.

This was a unique stage this morning as the peloton had to navigate the slippery, cobblestone littered roads that many raced upon earlier in the spring during Paris-Roubaix. Because of this nasty course, the team immediately picked the Bianchi Infinito CV as their proper tool for today's job.

Slippery roads got the best of many in the peloton during today's stage, knocking the top Tour contender, Chris Froome onto the road and out of the rest of the Tour permanently.

Lars Boom and Sep Vanmarcke worked together really well, keeping their rubber side down. These two guys are the best the team has for when days of racing go south due to bad course and weather conditions. Sep, has seen the podium a couple times in the past few years at Paris - Roubaix and Lars Boom is a past#cyclocross World Champion from 2008 so these guys know how to handle a bike during any race.

Check out the video below.

It offers up a great view into what goes into a winning bike set up for Boom and the guys of Team Belkin as they tackled part of the Hell of the North during Stage 5 of the Tour de France.



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