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Must ride mountain bike trails in South Carolina are in Harbison State Forest.

If you want to best describe things in black and white when you have a career in sales, you'll have two kinds of seasons. You'll have a year of hunting or a year of farming. This season has turned into a year of farming which means most of my efforts will be focused on finding new accounts which also means, more windshield time than other years. This latest trip has me traveling for tens days, covering about 3k miles in the Element, spanning states from every part of my territory- central PA to GA to TN and then finishing up in DC. With that much travel, squeezing in the time for a bike ride is a must for me. With the cyclocross bike and the mountain bike in the vehicle, I reached out to the one guy who I know wouldn't turn me down for some riding, Kindhuman bike company pusher,  +Mark Adam Abramowicz . Adam Abramowicz has been in the industry for awhile and through mutual friends and the hell we call Facebook, we started chatting on a regular basis. Sharing war st

Have you added this bike ride to your bucket list?

Regretfully I'm not on support for RAGBRAI this year. I'm really going to miss the fans and the infectious group of cyclists that will be riding along the route this year. It's humbling to see people roll up to the booth and pour their heart and soul out to us; telling us about their Bianchi. How much they love it, where they've been riding it and how the bike came into their lives. If you have some morning coffeetime this week, please click over to the BBFD page and follow along for the week. Click the LIKE button, share the page with other biking fans and be sure to watch Le Tour De France. Brent Cohrs and I thank you! Bianchi Bicycles Factory Demo Post by Bianchi Bicycles Factory Demo .

Could cyclocross racing be the pill for every ill?

Better bring an umbrella because cyclocross is gonna rain down talent on the world of road cycling. Ok. That might be a bit of an exaggeration but let's face the facts when it comes to bicycle racing. Certain venues, specific courses, when combined with set weather conditions, will favor the rider who is most comfortable during those conditions.  Anyone remember the 2012 Olympics in London during the women's road race?  Yes, it rained that day.   The women's road race was won by Marianne Vos-- the World Cyclocross Champion from 2006 and in 2009-2014.  2012 London Olympics Wm RR- click for video. Stage 5 = Rule #5 Yesterday, we saw what was probably the worse weather conditions for the Tour de France in decades. Temperatures in the low 50s, rain, and 18 mph crosswinds challenged the riders during Stage 5 of Le Tour.  I don't like to see anyone hit the deck while racing. I know what that feels like to lose your wheels in a corner at 27 mph. The we

Stage 5 of Le Tour was won on your next bike.

Last year during  Interbike  2013, I was having a chat with our product manager from Italy,  Angelo Lecchi  and the topic was cyclocross.  I'm sure we were throwing around ideas about specing a new bike for the US market along with me sharing  the stoke of  Sven Nys  racing later Wednesday night at  Cross Vegas Cyclocross Race . I told Angelo that I was excited to see the World Champion Sven Nys, race that night. Angelo pauses and looks up with a grin and says in his best English-- 'There's only one true cyclocross World Champion.' I'm like, really? Who? Angelo replies, 'Lars. Boom.' Really? Hmm, I answered. At that point he knew we were probably close to signing him and Belkin for the 2014 season. Good stuff. I love my job. Here's my post from our demo page-- Stage 5 of today's Le Tour De France was won by Team Belkin Pro Cycling Team Lars Boom. This was a unique stage this morning as the peloton had to navigate the slippery, cobblestone littere