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Showing posts from May, 2014

New iPhone app might make you the next Max Headroom.

I LOVED watching the TV show, Max Headroom during my teen years. The reporter Edison Carter, always had a huge should mount, news camera that he would whip around at any moment during a point of crisis, and hot feed his broadcast to the masses. This app, reminds me of just that. CNN Mobli App feature.

Commuting to work via bicycle on your own terms.

It's National Bike Month . It's also Bike To Work week. This is something I  annually   lament since taking this gig as a factory rep for a pretty rad bike company. (Before I forget, be sure to visit the League of American Bicyclists through the link above and donate a bit to their fantastic organization.) Don't get me wrong. I'm very happy to have the job that I've worked hard get but there was a lot of joy in having a work commute via bicycle. Leaving the car behind, saving money, priming up the body for the work day are just a few of the benefits of riding your bike to work and home again. But hey, this post isn't about me riding to work. This post is about someone else who decided to ride to work this year. My wife. From the time we bought our first house and she had what would have been an eight mile commute to work, to the time we bought our second house and that commute length was chopped in half for Mrs. Bikewife, I couldn't successfully