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Enjoying the art of gluing tubular cx tires with Charles.

It ain't cyclocross season but that's ok, we're gluing anyway.  Clement MXP is a great all conditions tire. Charles is gluing them up and sharing his technique based upon usage. Layers of glue on the rim and tire are adjusted according to race, occasional race or training. #mockorangebikes 

2014 Farmersville Road Race.

Cat 4/5 men neutral roll out during the 2014 Farmersville Road Race in Lancaster County, PA. Below is the link for the images from last weekend's Farmersville Road Race.  2014 Farmersville Road Race- Farmersville, PA | Lancaster Co. The pictures are mostly of the Mens 4/5, Cat 3 ladies and the 40+ Cat 5 dudes. I uploaded this album to Facebook but due to the compression ratio of FB, decided to put them onto my site as the resolution is way better for those looking to scrape the pictures for themselves.  Enjoy and thanks for looking!

Which do you need- data comparison Stages Cycling and PowerTap?

While I'm not the sort of weekend racer that merits a power meter on the bike, I can appreciate the data collection that goes along with targeted training. Post by Melissa Brown Higginson . On a team ride last month, guest rider, Jake Sitler of Haymarket/ Van Dessel Racing, was talking about the build up of training he was doing to prepare for racing at Redlands. Heavy blocks of training, sticking to the structure of hitting your numbers during each and every training ride can turn a cyclist into a head down, Chris Froome kind of guy.  That's what I got from Sitler's conversation he was having with Skip Menard, as I was huffing up a hill in front of those two. The takeaway of Skip's talk with Jake is that there are times during a race when you are going to burn more matches than what you want to. And there are times when you might be trying to reserve some matches because your power meter on your bike is telling you to throttle back. To paraphrase wha