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Partner up and increase your business reach.

Increase visibility of your business by sponsoring a bike rack near another business that shares your customer base via bicycle- coffee shops, pubs, farmer's markets, you get the idea. Cross promotion pays dividends in the world of bicycle retail.

Do you have an engaging story behind what you purchase?

Ask me to tell you a story about what I buy as a consumer on this great earth. Go ahead, I dare you because I'll talk you to death from a passionate plane about why I chose what I did. I need a good, believable story behind pretty much everything I consume, support, or throw my weight behind. In brief, I graduated high school with Sheri, share a love of the same friends, food and wellness. I think you'll enjoy the article below that paints a picture of what's going on in Troy and Sheri's life and what moved their hands to start up their own business due to the cards they've been dealt. It's a great story of how we need to all rise and overcome the challenges that are put before us. ‪#‎ buylocal‬ Post by Blind Spot Nut Butters .

Love what you eat, eat what you love.

Just dinner with the boy tonight. Bro-time. Whipped up some baked asparagus and pan fried chicken over lemon garlic and mushroom linguine off the cuff. Logan devoured it. I killed two plates with the IPA. #comfortfood #lancaster #local