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Showing posts from February, 2014

Last ditch effort service work.

Afternoon project. Last ditch effort to save my road tubeless rear wheel.  Flush and fill the hub's bearings. Looks clean. Just a tad not-so-smooth. Obscure bearing size.  If this doesn't work, I'm off to Grainger for an SKF replacement.  

Bike riding is the fountain of youth!

I always feel like a kid when riding my bike. Well, not when I'm not murdering myself during a bike race, but any other time, it's pure happiness. This year I need to put together some videos on a shoestring budget and I do not have a Mac. I guess that's two strikes against me. Ha! None the less, I found a video creator program on my laptop that will do just fine for now. I threw this together today; just to get a feel for the program. Going back 4 years to date on this material! Camdyn bike ride 2010 from stickboybike on Vimeo .

Bicycle retailers- find out why your next fundraiser starts here.

DEALERS! QUICKLY! What's the #1 brand in your shop? If you say, Bike Company XYZ. You've failed this test. If you answered: insert your shop name here   ! Then you've got your act together and need to get some +Banjo Brothers   custom logo'd Commuter Packs with your number one brand- embossed. Tough as nails bags that are not pretentious- just practical. Post by Grand Performance .