Increase the revenue of your business during a soft selling season.

Community is the foundation of any bike shop's success. In my eyes, community is as important, if not more important than having operating capital. Simply put, you can throw a ton of money into a business with a huge build out, large local advertising campaign but at the end of the day, if you haven't cultivated the trust of the local cyclist, you're only going to be shopped by price and not long term loyalty.

Those loyal customers who you've gathered over the years through bicycle repair clinics, group rides and local events; are the mortar in the brick and mortar bicycle retailer. So much that when shops are experiencing a 'down season' for bicycle sales, those with the longest arms hear the cash register ringing the most. That's been my observation over the past 5 years with this gig.

Here's a closer look at the mortar for the Washington, D.C. retailer, Capitol Hill Bikes. They're deeply into the celeste as well.

Right on guys. 


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