Product testing: Ladera Granola.

I snack. I snack often. 

In many cases on business trips with my co-workers, they'll say something to the effect of.... Man, you're always eating and still skinny. The truth of the matter is that if I didn't have a well balanced diet and workout regularly, I'd put the weight on pretty damn quick. It's simple math, caloric intake shouldn't exceed what you burn in a day or at least go over by much. 

One of my daily snacks is a 3:00pm bowl of granola, yogurt and fruit. And this week, I've been handed a new bag of granola to try from California's- Ladera Granola.

I popped a handful in my mouth before mixing it in with the fruit and yogurt combo. The granola has a light feeling to it; crunches lightly and sits on the conservative side of sweetness, not syrupy sweet. The second mouthful I had a large pecan which caught me off guard. I'm not used to seeing nuts that large, in granola. Typically they're broken into smaller pieces which permit an opportunity for the pieces to be in every spoonful instead of 'once and done' for this handful.

Let the mixing begin.

1/2 cup granola
1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 cup whole milk organic yogurt

Ladera Granola's first attempt at granola is a good one. I believe that their product has legs to it and will satisfy many taste buds out there. I can't help but wonder what are the statistics-- of people who eat granola straight from the bag versus mixing it with yogurt, warm milk, etc? 

For me, a light tasting, crunching granola like this is best suited for mixing with the above mentioned foods. I'd reserve the 'stuff your fist into the bag and chow down' granola for those mixes that are firmer-to-bite and have a bit more brown rice syrup, molasses sweetness to them. That's just me- a guy with 3 different brands of granola in my pantry. 

This bag deserves a spot on the shelf with the rest of them. 

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