CYCLING TIPS: Cold weather gear, high visibility on your commute.

Fall is just about over and winter has been breathing down our neck with temps in the low 20s for many of our mornings. Don't let the season's weather get in the way of your time on the bike. For many, it's a commute to the job before the sun is up, a ride home as the sun is setting or grabbing a road ride after work with lights on the bike.

Now more than ever drivers are distracted with infotainment systems in the SUV, erratic driving from a lack of patience for others on the road and the worst of all, texting while driving; so being seen while riding your bicycle during low light conditions is paramount for your safety.

Nestled just outside the DC beltway in College Park, MD is Proteus Bicycles. These guys have a handle on commuting by bicycle and what you need to do reduce your chances of becoming tangled with an vehicle during your ride.

Shop owner, Laurie, demonstrates in the video below some great ideas for layering up to stay warm and remain seen by other motorists. If you're in the area, check them out especially on Thursday nights for their Potluck evenings. 

Just be sure to bring some craft bevies or a dish for all to enjoy!


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