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Lancaster and York, PA bike paths, don't skip them.

There's a term that some friends and I throw around when we witness, instigate an action, implement, or even on purpose- think that something might draw parallels to what Pro-Tour racers do.  Simply put-- Keepin' it pro. Obviously we're not 'pros' or 'professional bicycle racers'.  What we're actually doing is making fun of the fact that every time we ride our road bikes, some of us spent ten minutes to put on the gear.  The end result looking like some sort of neon-techno, leg shaven, lycra logo'd monkey of sorts.  Yep, I'll poke fun at the absurdity seeing that someone once said that if you have to take more than five minutes to get ready to ride your bicycle, you're doing it wrong-- sounds true me.  But dammit, I can really appreciate a nice pair of bib shorts.  Anywho... Cyclocross races are occupying most of my weekends from mid-September until mid December.  This time of the year is crunch time with my job as we hustle to get new pr