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Product testing: Banjo Brothers Jersey Pocket Cycling Wallet.

How you enjoy your time on the bicycle is solely your business and to what extent you enjoy this hobby doesn't make another's efforts wrong. With that in mind, my time with cycling is best enjoyed with all it's gadgets and accessories that I can get my hands on.  Up until this spring, I've always stuffed my phone into a sandwich baggie, to keep sweat and perspiration off the device. The cheap baggies have served me well. That is until Banjo Brothers sent me a care package of seat bags for my demo bikes and included their latest little gem- the Jersey Pocket Cycling Wallet. Here are the essentials for all my bike rides. Not in view is the seat bag that contains a tube, CO2, tire lever and a quick link.  I appreciate the detailing on this sturdy constructed wallet. Solid stitching and banding around the perimeter of the wallet should provide miles of use. My iPhone 4s and it's case, fit nicely in the wallet; along with a key on the other side. If you ha