Cycling Rat Rod for the weekend enthusiast.

The first crit of the year is this weekend and for the first time ever, I'm rushing to put together something that resembles a competitive bike. A handful of parts from the 'cross bike, another handful from last year's Oltre

I've resigned to the fact that I'll never run a stock, out of the box bike unless it's a town/market bike for getting groceries. That being said, I started the transformation this week of a stock Impulso 105 bike.

There are so many places you can get away with middle grade parts on your bike. Two places I never skimp, tires and the chain.

Dura-Ace 10 speed with a Connex quick link. Light, smooth and soon to be covered with a splash of Chain-L lube.

Something old, something new from the basement. I swapped the carbon/alu stock fork from the Impulso which uses a 45mm rake and installed this guy; full carbon 43mm rake, from back in the day... (`the bike fit in that link...geez things have changed since 2005.) Added branding on the inside of the fork legs courtesy of PG-13 Graphics.

More of the build up to come...


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