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Road Tubeless, sure, why not?

Here's a good  blurb on Road Tubeless that's worth a read. Road Tubeless Revised Review - Everything you need to know Having been on tubeless tires for a couple of years now, I agree with Clive's comments on ride quality and performance. There are more wheel options now than 2008 when tubeless was launched and while the tire selection appears to be limited, I'm a huge fan of the Fusion3 and Intensive 25c tires by Hutchinson Bicycle Tires .  Tech note right out of the gate regarding all clincher tire mounting- soap the bead when installing any tire. It's a good habit to get into, ensuring that the bead is 100% locked/ snapped into the channel regardless of standard clincher or Road Tubeless tires. I came upon a Road Tubeless wheel set a couple of years ago , the A-Class ALX-730. This a 1545 gr wheel set that utilizes DT Aero blade spokes paired with alloy nipples, 21mm rim width, a 3 paw freehub that's easy to service and super smooth cartridge bearin

@banjobrothers was my only holiday gift to me.

Gotsme a new T.

Winter Bicycling Tip- frozen beverages.

Winter is here and base mile riding is in full effect. Or, at least I'm working on a 'full effect' type program. The real feel temps in the county are down to 22*F, the roads are cleared, chubby road tires are on the Bianchi Cavaria and there's a new winter riding jacket I'm itching to try out. I need to ride with some fluids on the bike despite not feeling like drinking. This is due in part to the sub-freezing temps and the other is from coming off a season of cyclocross racing. You don't drink during a cx race so you get weened off of needing to drink for an hour whether you want to believe it or not.  To keep the drink from freezing, I'm breaking out the summer time friendly Podium Big Chill bottle by Camelback, fill it with warm water, squeeze in a packet of Hammer Gel, shake it up... good for at least 30 miles, no slurpie drinking! Speaking of drinking in 'cross..... #handupsarenotacrime Crosshairs Cycling PSA from In

Down time, up time & Ed Sander Memorial CX Race.

For the first time since I was a kid in school, I was super amped for the Christmas holiday break.  This past December, it was all good mainly because I was coming off a season of local bicycle racing; very happy with the results between road, mountain and cyclocross and vowed to divorce the bike after the last cx race- Ed Sander Memorial CX Race. I won't 'whoa is me' about trying to be a full time dad, husband, sales-growth driven factory bike rep and squeeze in enough training to not get shot out of the back of the group, but heck, it's not easy. Letting the body and mind recovery is easily overlooked when you are toting around this Type A x OCD mash-up mentality. The rest felt great. 2013 is here, time for base miles. ---------------------------------------------------- Ed Sander Memorial CX Race was the last race of the season due to hurricane Sandy washing out the course, forcing a reschedule on the Bikereg/MABRA Super8 series calendar. The mud pit this ye