Another rim, another dollar.

The bike's rear rim didn't fare too well at the Marysville Relay back in April. Casing a log at warp speed and 25psi in the tire made for certain doom. It's been out of true ever since despite two serious sessions in the truing stand.

I even slammed in on the ground to bend it back and to no avail it was still toast. With that on my mind and a tight budget in my wallet, I ordered a replacement rim from WTB. It was tempting to give in to the weight weenie demons and order up some tubeless ready madness in the 1500gr range but I resisted.
I zip tied the new to the old and got down to biz-natch. And hour later, done with the exception of installing my WTB 28mm rim tape (2 layers) over top of a layer of Velox 11mm wide rim tape. I even had to adjust the rear cup and cone. It was super notchy, between that and the bent chain and dragging brake pads, Marysville was all about resistance training apparently.

edit-- I reused the spokes and nipples on the wheel as they had only 3 days of riding on them, we're all not made of money right?


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