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Pay attention and stop taking photos!

A few more photos from this weekend's riding.  Saturday I got in a nice 50 miler, same route as before . Only this time I added a loop of Turkey Hill which I haven't climbed since the end of last summer. It was like visiting an old frenemy... same old struggles and happy when the visit is over.  Sunday morning was a rest day with another 30 to spin out the legs with a new riding friend who is becoming addicted to cycling the more the weeks pass.  Love those kind of weekends!

#banjobrothers shop seat bag

I'm visiting a dealer in Cambridge, MD- On the Rivet when FedEx dropped off two boxes of seat bag love.

Your bum will thank you for it.

I love new product, especially when your butt is involve; bibs, saddles, chamois cream. I grabbed a jar of Enzo's Button Hole chamois cream during my last visit at Gran Fondo Cycles last week. So far so good. The test for me is longevity on 4-5 hour rides. Guess I better schedule an Around the River Ride soon. The chocolate mint smell is addicting too. (At least that's what my nose thinks.)