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Two Roads Diverged.

The road(s) less traveled. I found this photo a few weeks after me and some of the team guys did Mealey's, York Roubaix ride. Pennsylvania has some of the most beautiful routes to cycle on.

Butter smooth suspension.

It goes without saying that your suspension, be it fork, rear shock, either/or need some TLC every season. Aside from keeping the air pressure dialed for your current riding terrain, external cleaning and visual inspection of integrity; stanchion lubrication is often over looked. My winter service of the fork on my Bianchi SOK 29r included a healthy application of Finish Line Stanchion Fluoro Oil. Weather you're running the stock wiper seals in your fork/shock or like mine, upgraded Enduro seals, this oil will keep your fork moving smoothly and prevent seal chatter during operation. (Chatter lets in unwanted dirt and contaminants therefor reducing suspension performance and creating early oil degradation.)

Get lost on all your rides.

Yes this is a metaphor and no I do not wish for all of you to get lost and not find your way back home. Rather on the days of training or heck, even social pace rides, step outside of your box, your comfort zone, your mental Snuggie and take that road you constantly pass and dismiss because you feel it's 'not part of THIS ride' today. A few months ago I moved to the eastern side of central Lancaster County, further away from my bike training 'hamster wheel' called Turkey Hill. I spent the good part of last spring and summer drilling intervals on Turkey Hill hoping to get my butt in shape for 2011 race season. View Larger Map Still suffering from separation anxiety from the old pain cave, I decided last Sunday to HTFU and pay a visit to that riding area. The conditions for yesterday's ride proved favorable. To do so, I needed to leave my new residence and start playing left turn, right turn, once I got through Lancaster Central Park. And with the