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London calling.

Yeah, I love mi sum celeste but red runs a close second. My dealer's MT spotted this Sei Giorni on her trip in London. Even those who do not own a Bianchi, are excited to share a photo of their sighting of one, with those who bleed celeste. --posted via iPhone.

Sometimes 7 isn't a lucky number.

You're still missed Jonny. There's not a road ride that goes by if I make a wrong turn and Have to put in an additional 30 to get back home I'll remember that to some That was another lashing on shoulders of the following To you, it was weakness leaving the body. w.

#Banjobrothers seat bag #2, never say die.

I'm still rolling with a Banjo Brothers seat bag from 2005. Other than looking a bit faded, it's still tight as can be, not torn, and the zipper still zippy. In other words, it's wearing well. Here's a little gem from this Interbike this year. Banjo offers a red color way on many of their new pieces and familiar older ones too. Deluxe Seat Bag. Thanks guys! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad