The final chapter of the season.

I can't say that it feels like summertime is slowing down but with the kids heading back to school in less that two weeks and the buzz of my comrades discussing dismounting and threshold work; I'd say it is.

The later part of this is obvious, cyclocross season is on the horizon and chasing the field in the local crit is in the rear view mirror. Entering my fourth fall season with Bianchi Bicycles, I've somehow gotten my head out of my tail and will be having a go at it with some cross racing. I'm in contact with many who race this version of the sport of cycling. Every fall I'm like, 'Yeah, blah blah blah is going on and NEXT year I'll get my shit together for cross season.' Really, does putting off the obvious really make things better? The obvious is that other than the lady reps we have covering the far reaches of the US for the brand who don't cross race, I need to HTFU and kit up like the remaining employees.

My approach for cross season will be much like my like that of this season's crits and mountain bike races; finish mid pack or better. That may seem a little underachieving but seriously, I'm more realistic about my goals and physical abilities than many of the guys who pin a number on any given Sunday morning. Ride safe, ride aggressive and don't ride more than 15% of my ability at any given time.

Cross fitness/form is still a bit undefined to me; other than picking Sean Mealey's brain from time to time, his answers have been, 'Start running!'. Ok, I'll take that and a bit of what I've been digesting through my training with Michael DeCarlo at Maxpower. DeCarlo and trainer Nic have been feeding me a regimine of core and strength work over the past two winters and before you dudes reading this roll your eyes and think, 'whatever man, stop bragging...', I'm not bragging. Think of this as a small confession of what old guys need to do; get your butt in gear and supplement your workout routines with something other than pedaling your bicycle. Your jump out of the next four corner crit will thank you.

With the launch of the Cavaria Force for the 2012 season I'm putting my money where my mouth is and building up a Cavaria Red for myself. Same wheels as the Cav Force, tubeless ready with Bulldog tires (as the pit wheels). SRAM bits, Challenge race rubber on the primary wheels and some rad Hincapie skin suits for getting dirty.

The rest of the teammates are loyal servants for Simplicity Cycles based out of Hanover, PA. I jumped on their road team this season and flew the colors in races spanning PA, VA, and NC. We're up to 10 guys racing cross for ~S.C.~ this season ranging from first timers on up to Elite Men's. Two of our DS are seasoned Elite Masters and Pro 1/2 competitors, bringing a lot of knowledge to the squad. MABRA Super 8 will be the arena.

I'll make an effort to do some updates on the team, races, and our bikes and time unfolds. And yes, we're racing on Bianchi Bicycles.


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