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Race supplies for the #bianchibicycles SOK.

As I'm working on the road bike today, My son is staring at the back of my 29r; which I've been racing this summer. "Hey Dad! Why's there a fire extinguisher on your bike?", asked my son. --posted via iPhone.

Quick afternoon bite #bianchibicycles #capocycling

3pm snack and reading material. Mmmm. --posted via iPhone.

Carbon soled mtb shoes, these ain't slippers. #mountainbikegear

An unwritten truth about using carbon soled mtb shoes is they will get jacked up racing in them. So, put away any preconceived notions about keeping them euro-roadie spot less and free of blemishes. At least that's the conversation I've had with myself. (love the fit of this particular shoe!) - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad