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Getting the SOK ready for 2010 PT2.

While in the Philly area I swung north to Abington to pick up my Bianchi SRAM SOK from Abington Wheel Wright Bike Shop or AWWBS for short. Aside from the outside of their building being a cool shade of Bianchi Green (celeste), they have a ton to offer their mountain biking customer base. One service that stood out during my first visit with Miko, the shop's service and retail manager, is their suspension tuning services. RMT Suspensions. I explained to Miko the issues I was having with the fork, the brakes and what I ultimately wanted to achieve with the mods I was requesting. AWWBS works on forks and I mean works on forks. I'd say 95% of the shops I visit throughout my vast territory would send the fork to either QBP or BTI for a rebuild, not these guys. In my shop days, I would have done the work myself but being a father of two and a rep, I didn't hesitate to give the business to the LBS. Here is a mod I did on my own time. After converting the 29r to tubeless last

The SOK is done!

I'm heading out to Northern Philly today to fetch my 29r. The shop called and all the bits are installed and ready to roll. Now if we could only get rid of the snow... ------------------------------------------- s.b.

Heart disease awareness day.

In awareness of heart disease in women, wear red today! It's red and my favorite piece in the 2010 Hincapie Collection. George Signature Alpe Jacket. ------------------------------------------------- s.b.

In memory of Il Pirata'.

This month marks the anniversary death of one of my favorite climbers in the sport of cycling; Marco Pantani. I can say that I became a fan of Pantani through coverage of the Tour and the fact that many a cyclist that follow racing will relate to an athlete that best mirrors their skill preference while on the bike. I've been more of a climber than a sprinter so the relation was easy. This video is courtesy of the Marco Pantani Foundation website . I love watching his acceleration on climbs while in the drops. Legend has it, Marco rode a 180mm crank arm length and a 54/44t ring combo. No high cadence spin here, just good ole' fashion leverage and leg mashing. 'Nuff said. ------------------------------------------------- s.b.

Winter clothing test coming up soon.

I've just signed on with Hincapie Sportswear to cover their Mid-Atlantic territory and to say the least, I'm blow away by all of this. The range of apparel from the Fall/Winter Clothing right on up to the Spring/Summer is top notch! Here is the blurb from BRaIN on the announcement. ---click! My samples should be showing up this week so I'll have the deets on the winter gear soon and some summer pieces as the weeks roll by. -------------------------------------------------- s.b.