SRAM Torpedo hub operations.

I was at The Bicycle Stable yesterday and decided that the Interweb needs at least another blurb about the SRAM Torpedo hub. In this video clip I'll explain how to make the adjustments from fix to freewheel on the 2010 Bianchi Via Brera; our most coveted bike next to the Infinito. Really? That big? Well, the back orders say so... ;)

I'll preface this clip by saying that you'll need a small flat head screwdriver and a bit of hand dexterity to make the change. Out of the box the bike comes set up in fixed wheel mode and a front and rear brake are installed on the bicycle. About halfway through the turns of a screwdriver the mechanism in the hub will catch and change the engagement modes. I highly recommend that you run the screw either all the way in or all the way out. Don't be cleaver and ride the hub half-adjusted. I'm not saying anything could happen if you run it like this but...don't chance it alright? With the proper chain tension on the bike and in fixed mode, there will be a slight amount of chain lash. This is normal.

And now for something completely different...

There you have it. Now I need to figure out a bit more advanced editing with something other than Microsoft Movie Maker which doesn't support the iPhones Quicktime video format.

Thanks to Derrick at the Bicycle Stable for lending us his mechanical talents.


Will Mahler


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