More posts?

Ok, it appears that I have a stack of content that I need to post about. At least for now I'll sprinkle a little here, let it simmer and come back to it once my brain is at full boil and two cups of coffee are down the hatch.

My upcoming posts will cover more of Jim Stevenson's Pico Crono with photos from the San Diego wind tunnel testing session. Let's just say his test results didn't lie and now it's time for him to put the power down. Also for the 2010 race season is Team Mock Orange Bikes. The guys will be on top of some deliciously white Mono-Qs and will be shifting the new Shimano 6700 groupos. As well, we're also releasing a special edition 2010 C2C Via Nirone Tiagra Compact featured in the queen's green and a limited production of 125 units.

For now...

Will Mahler


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