Love at first sight?

Every once and a while, I'm caught off guard. Not that I walk through life with my guard up or appear to be defending my face in a prize fight...rather caught off guard and loose the talent of being able to 'tap dance' when time calls. I attribute this to a couple of things. a)I'm a professed bike geek. And, b)When you love your job like I do and are passionate about it, it's easy to become emotionally overwhelmed when presented with something new, fresh and sexy.

Case and point, I was visiting one of my newer accounts last week and was presented with a situation where he ordered a batch of bicycles and one of the bikes was the wrong color. The incorrect color bicycle wasn't a special order bike so there really is no cause for alarm here. The bike that was the wrong color, wasn't even a color that we offered for that model for that year. So like any good, faithful Bianchi Dealer, he started the build up, displayed the bike near the front of the store with hopes of getting a sale from it.

Sure enough, a few hours later, a guy enthusiastically runs in to the store and joyfully puts a deposit on the bike.

So here we have what is a 2009 Pista Flat Bar with celeste paint and Via Condotti style classic logos. The Pista logo along the top tube is done in the classic font as well. This model is from one of Bianchi's 42 distribution areas...Japan, perhaps? Beats me. All I know is I love it! Apparently a few of these showed up in CA by accident. No there aren't anymore available.

Will Mahler


stickboy said…
What's up with that large font above. 3 times I tried to config it to be the same size and type...Google Chrome isn't behaving with Blogger editing.

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