Bleeding celeste.

There is a guy in the TN area who has a son that's been racing since age 10 on a Bianchi. I had the pleasure of meeting this individual named Wolfgang that rides a Bianchi himself. The model he's on escapes me at the moment but what I do remember of him is that he also enjoys $150 bottles of Cognac. Some of which I had the liberty of sampling as we discussed the beauty of his son's bedroom.

I really love the signed photo of Magnus Backstedt, raising his arms in victory at the 2004 Paris Roubaix. Magnus rode the S9 Matta Ti to victory. Ti frames, if people only knew the power of that material... The clock is a nice touch too!

Lot's of passion with this decor. Thanks Wolfgang!


Will Mahler


Poster Photo Clock
Live in a room like this!

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