2009 Cranksgiving York

November 21st marked the 3rd annual Cranksgiving in York, Pa. This kind of event has been in action for a long time now. The originator of it in York, Pa; 3 years ago was Antonio Rodriguez or TONE as we know him. Tone was a messenger in NYC for 10+ years and has organized many a Cranksgiving back then.

When I was a shop manager at a local bike bike/ski shop, Tone came in to check out the bike scene and pitch his idea to me. We hit it off instantly and I was nodding my head in support of his event; getting the word out, prizes for the winners, etc.

Bianchi provided some swag for the winners this year, York provided some riders that give a damn about helping the York Food Bank during the Thanksgiving season.

I'll get this cliche' comment out of the way and say that the weather was much nicer this year...in the 40s at the start of the event as opposed to last years Cranksgiving where we had an ice storm the night before and low temps in the 30s at start time.

Every rider received a manifest with a list of locations and items to be purchased from said grocer. You keep the grocery receipts as proof of purchase and hustle back to the finish with your bag full of goodies.

I rode with my guys from back in the shop days. We snagged the goods and Josh was kind enough to hand in my goods as I had to cut out early for a wedding around noon time.

Photo courtesy of Josh Clingan(red bag bottom rt)

(l-r)Me, Tyler Strausbaugh, Ben Davids.

Will Mahler


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