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2010 Interbike goes down in the books.

It was no secret that 2009 was a season that had retailers biting their nails. With that dark cloud leading up to Interbike, it was going to be anybodies guess as to how busy the booth would be. Keeping the stress levels low this trip, I flew out of HIA. Traveling at the crack of dawn has it advantages; obviously an early arrival for those inclined to help set up the booth and second, a magnificent view above the clouds. Sun up courtesy of United Airlines. I can see from where the color of our bikes has originated. If you separate the tangerine and yellow and you can detect a hue of celeste'. Most of the booth construction was done prior to my arrival, so I lent my cleaning skills to wiping the bikes and primping here and there. The bike in the back ground is a show concept bike-- Pista Classica . Bianchi fans alike were freaking out over this bike. After the booth was assembled and all the bikes were where they needed to be, we had 3 extra bikes. They needed to go back into the b

2010 Bianchi Super Pista

Well folks, here it is finally. The 2010 Bianchi Super Pista frameset. As some of you may remember the 2009.5 version was an Italian mid-year release on a new frame and a new frame design based off the tubeset shape of the 2009 B4P 1885. We've now gone back to the roots of the Pista Concept frame, gave it a stronger rear end, made it nonchalant but classy with seat tube and downtube graphics from the 1930s era Bianchi. You have to see it to believe it, oozes sex appeal. Limited numbers again so get them while they're available! -------------------------------------------------- Will Mahler

Justin Raynes Pro level SOK SRAM

This guy is a pro-racer after my own heart. Justin is an employee of Bikes Unlimited of Williamsburg, VA . After years on the race circuit with a Bianchi Oetzi, this year he added a 29er to his quiver of race bikes. A tool for every trade, a bike for every type of course. The bike is roughly 50% stock, here is Justin's take on his race-ready 29er and a bit regarding his carbon hardtail Oetzi: Here are a few pics of the bike and my setup. Hope you like the looks of the bike, what I like most is my gearing on my crank, I got TA specialty rings, and Blackspire. The 22-34-44 is too much to push on most MTB trail. Running those combos makes it feel a lot more like my carbon Oetzi. I got it weighing around 22.5 lbs depending on my tires and wheels. My Oetzi weighs 21 lbs, so I’ve got the 29er pretty light. FRAME: 17.5 2009 Sok FORK: Rock shox reba race, remote lockout WHEELS: Mavic crossmax 29er(mainly for training and little races), SET #2-- American classic hubs, DT revolut