Outback Bikes- Bianchi Nailed Down

Here is a little ditty about a business with two locations in Georgia. It goes by the name of Outback Bikes; with two locations- Little Five Pts and their new location at the Hamilton Mill Publix Shopping Center.

This is some serious wall/artwork to the right of the entrance of Outback in Little 5pts. Supposedly the 'gray mist' around the outside of the Eagle glows in the dark, sweet! That kind of artwork is carried throughout the building and on the outside as well. Upon witnessing this, I knew I was in a righteous shop.

Pete, owner of OB, has his crew well trained and educated in all things Bianchi. I was at the Little Five location and had the liberty of speaking with Edgemont. He has the mindset and drive to convince you why you need to be on a Bianchi. We're not talking about Kool Aid consumption; rather reasons and phylosophies to be applied to test riding the bike, thus leading up to the purchasing of the bike. I was impressed by this guy, and with the amount of ink on him. Love the Ace F tat.

The are a ton of accessories and supplies to be found in the store. All for the daily commuter to the weekend racer...I'll take a T-Cube Rival and some Chamois Butt'r to go!

Ride what you sell, sell what you ride. The next time you're near Atlanta, GA, be sure to visit Outback Bikes.

Thanks Pete!!

Will Mahler


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