2010 Bianchi Pista Via Condotti

The 2010 bike line up is shaping up to be nothing short of stellar.

The Urban category has gone back to it roots or should I say the steel road line continues to be IMOP the hallmark of who we are. Some bikes have been shifted to a category that makes better sense and some have been given a rightfully worn wool jersey, a sip of Vino with a slice of jam on a baguette and sent of to the starting line of the nearest Gran Fondo.

Taking classic into 2010, is this new model-->

We started Urban when urban wasn't cool. And in some cases we are confronted by masses begging us to make some 'Skittles Gangster' looking fixed gear bikes. Nope. Bianchi is classsic and shall remain classic...someone has to be afterall we're 125 years old, ha!

More later.


Will Mahler


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