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Here is the latest from over the pond regarding our 2010 Infinito.

This frameset was lighting up forums all over the globe during the 2009 Giro when sprinter Robbie Hunter made it his weapon of choice.

Coming in at an est. 40gr heavier than the B4P T-Cube, you'll get the drag race capabilities of the T-Cube with a controlled ride of the C2C geometry. The immediate geometry difference between the C2C to B4P; aside from the 10mm taller headtube on the C2C is it's 1-3mm longer chainstay.

Utilizing the M40 carbon/Nano-tech of the 928 SL, this frame should be freaking out a lot of test riders. I know I'm excited to test ride one real soon-why?--> The M40 grade of carbon is utilized in the T-Cube, this lends to the bikes ability to jump on climbs and sprints.

More information to follow when I return from the National Sales Meeting in August.


Will Mahler


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