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2009 Bianchi SOK follow up/comparison.

As most people know, Bianchi Bicycles is a manufacturer of bicycles for cyclist without compromise. Our commuter and road line of products are very strong, well spec'd and beyond the quality of a lot of the top brands out there. One secret weapon is our 2009 Bianchi SOK SRAM bike. This 29er is definitely winning the hearts of mountain bikers that give it a chance. Give it a chance as in, more than just a test ride in the parking lot of your LBS. Trail time; half dozen or so rides to learn a new dance with a new partner. In fact most 29ers require just that, some trail time to get used to. I can say that I've ridden every demographic of knobby tire pedaling transportation out there and the 29er takes a bit more time to adjust to than most typical 26in bikes, hardtail or dually. You need to be committed to the end result of this learning curve, a fast ride. Too many people get hung up on studying the geometry of a prospected 29er frame before even riding it. Naturally I'm pa

2010 Bianchi Pista Via Condotti

The 2010 bike line up is shaping up to be nothing short of stellar. The Urban category has gone back to it roots or should I say the steel road line continues to be IMOP the hallmark of who we are. Some bikes have been shifted to a category that makes better sense and some have been given a rightfully worn wool jersey, a sip of Vino with a slice of jam on a baguette and sent of to the starting line of the nearest Gran Fondo. Taking classic into 2010, is this new model--> We started Urban when urban wasn't cool. And in some cases we are confronted by masses begging us to make some 'Skittles Gangster' looking fixed gear bikes. Nope. Bianchi is classsic and shall remain classic...someone has to be afterall we're 125 years old, ha! More later. ------------------------------------------------- Will Mahler

Outback Bikes- Bianchi Nailed Down

Here is a little ditty about a business with two locations in Georgia. It goes by the name of Outback Bikes ; with two locations- Little Five Pts and their new location at the Hamilton Mill Publix Shopping Center. This is some serious wall/artwork to the right of the entrance of Outback in Little 5pts. Supposedly the 'gray mist' around the outside of the Eagle glows in the dark, sweet! That kind of artwork is carried throughout the building and on the outside as well. Upon witnessing this, I knew I was in a righteous shop. Pete, owner of OB, has his crew well trained and educated in all things Bianchi. I was at the Little Five location and had the liberty of speaking with Edgemont . He has the mindset and drive to convince you why you need to be on a Bianchi. We're not talking about Kool Aid consumption; rather reasons and phylosophies to be applied to test riding the bike, thus leading up to the purchasing of the bike. I was impressed by this guy, and with the amount of in

2010 Bianchi C2C Infinito test-

Here is the latest from over the pond regarding our 2010 Infinito. Thanks to Cycling Plus/ This frameset was lighting up forums all over the globe during the 2009 Giro when sprinter Robbie Hunter made it his weapon of choice. Coming in at an est. 40gr heavier than the B4P T-Cube, you'll get the drag race capabilities of the T-Cube with a controlled ride of the C2C geometry. The immediate geometry difference between the C2C to B4P; aside from the 10mm taller headtube on the C2C is it's 1-3mm longer chainstay. Utilizing the M40 carbon/Nano-tech of the 928 SL, this frame should be freaking out a lot of test riders. I know I'm excited to test ride one real soon-why?-- > The M40 grade of carbon is utilized in the T-Cube, this lends to the bikes ability to jump on climbs and sprints. More information to follow when I return from the National Sales Meeting in August. -------------------------------------------------- Will Mahler