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Super Pista and more

More Super Pista news... click! ------------------------------------------------ I addition to this, Bianchi is doing a collaboration with Hypebeast, Solebox and Adidas . Yah that's right, Adidas. My shoe of choice since the breakdance era of the 80s. Forget the Nikes. The kicks will have a color way that ties in with the partnering bike. The select frames that are part of the collab will be available to the US market in limited quantities. Check the link above for tighter details on the two featured Pista frames. -------------------------------------------------- s. b.

D2 Super Pista Update.

Ok. It's fair to say that this bike is quick-the D2 SP. It's been a ball to ride and is a regular town bike since the end of winter. The funny thing with riding this frame is that it's actually opened up a new yearning for ANOTHER Bianchi bike to be in my stable...the 1885 . The tubeset of the SP is similar in shape and construction to the 2009 1885. Knowing what I know about riding the SP, it has to be on another level when you mix up those ingredients and bake up a B4P geometry, race frame. Looking into the pedigree of the 1885 you'll find a unique manufacturing process that not many bike manufacturers are using-Super Plastic Forming or SPF for short. In a nut shell you have Hyrdroforming aluminum tubes and you have SPF. The shaping concept of SPF is similiar to Hydroforming but instead of a high pressure hydraulic fluid inside of the tube/die, the aluminum is almost heated up to 1000 deg. F in the die, then slowly injected with a gas instead of a fluid. This will al

On the Rivet- Cambridge, MD.

Along RT50 in the area known as Dorchester County is a bike shop unlike a lot of bikes shops. OTR is starting their second year and has experienced great growth since the doors opened in 2008. Matt is the store manager and buyer of On the Rivet Cycle Sport and his dad Bob, is the evil genius behind OTR. Bob, a self proclaimed Campagnolo officianado, has had his hands and mind on Bianchi long before starting the bike shop. Bianchi to him back in the day was the balistic/holster company that he worked for decades. Bob has crafted the art of handling leather; shaping it into highly desireable firearm holsters. In addition to the leather craft, Bob has had an illness for vintage bicycles. Amoung the American and Italian vintage bikes that he restores to period, are Bianchi Bicycles. Circa 70's Bianchi. And a classic pump too. OTR also supports the Body Scanning system for bicycle fitting, custom builds, bicycle restorations(vintage) and all types of repairs. --------------------------