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Road tripping again.

Last weekend I was booked to head south to North Carolina-for work-visit the BMW-Bianchi Elite Race Team. I had 3 frames to drop off for their season. In addition I was delivering a bike to be tested by John K of the Two Johns Podcast. Their first bike test indeed, yeah! Whilst down there (John loves 'whilst')I was to also getting to know the team, visit their supporting shop, sneak in a ride or two and cap off the weekend at a cyclocross race in College Park, MD. Phew! So I packed up the Element; 4 bikes, 3 frames, tool box, gear bag, various supplies in a bucket, and the Yakima Rocketbox was stuffed with the Corpo tent, camp chair, table, bike rack, and two workstands. Phew again! All that while netting 24 mpg on the hills of southern Virginia. Not bad for a car the shape of a toaster with a box on top. Speaking of a box on top of your car: Oh yeah, becareful with a box on your Element and driving into a parking garage...Hugh and I did just that going to the Powerman 5000