Bianchi C2C 928 Classic

Or at least that is what I'd brand this model as.

A fellow rider presented me with a vision and a box full of bike parts and a frame that he had acquired Fall of 2008. His request was simple, transfer the parts over, clean them up (phew that was a tough one, my finger tips are still torn up!), swap over the measurements of the previous steed and offer some creativity to the rest of the build.

This frame was already a modern upgrade; coming from Italian Boron steel to a full carbon frame and fork. But to some cyclist, a frame of carbon is too modern, too cold, too much tech perhaps. I love steel bikes. I enjoy the warmth they exuded when you ride them. The liveliness, the snappiness in the handling, it's a totally different dance than riding a full carbon frame.

The rider selected some nice bits from Brooks, a saddle, bar tape and brown HUDZ covers to replace the worn stock Campagnolo Ergo covers. I suggested going with the classic Velocity Deep V Celeste colored rims. I laced them up with DT Swiss 2.0/1.8 spokes, scrounged up a Token carbon seatpost, KMC X10SL chain-gold for some bling, and did new cables and housings too.

Campagolo Dayton. Campy was sued by NASCAR because of the unauthorized use of this name-Daytona...race series, I don't exactly know the full details but the Italians then changed the name to Centaur.

The groupo has been ridden for 7 years and from what I can gather from inspection of the components, have not been serviced too often judging by the build up of lube on the cassette and chainrings. Elbow grease and chain cleaner to the rescue!

This photo was used in a previous post. The spokes were removed from the old wheelset, disassembled, inspected, relubed and reassembled. For the amount of miles on the hubs, the balls were in terrific condition as well as the races had minimal scoring to show of. And this isn't Campy's high end hubset! After reassembly and later lacing them into the new Velocity Deep V Celeste painted rims, a spin of the wheel proved the bearings to still be smooth as glass.

The cassette kicked my arse, I just couldn't scrub it clean enough.

Everything else I Neff'd the heck out of it.

On with the photos.

Brooks tape is some serious leather tape. It's not very compliant because it's pure leather, not cork or EVA foam. The trick to wrapping the bars was to use a blow dryer to warm and soften the leather allowing it to conform to the bar easier. The HUDZ covers slid on easily once the inside of the cover was sprayed with denatured alcohol.
The stock handlebar was used on this build up. Our rider here likes them W...I...D...E. 46 C-C measurement, phew! Also at time of re-cabling the Ergos, I inspected the action of the shifters and there were still good, maybe should be rebuilt the start of next winter but none the less still clicking away confidently.

The Brooks saddle and tape give the cold technology of carbon fiber some warmth. These saddles last for DECADES!

Next summer the rings and cassette will probably be replace as they are tad worn but working fine for now. The stock bb is still super smooth without a hit of lateral play or gravely-ness when spinning the spindle.

The rear derailleur cleaned up nicely. I tore apart the idler wheels, bushings, cage plates and scrubbed them with a tooth brush. Yes, you could almost eat off it. Shifting is handled by a KMC X10SL chain. They are Shimano/Campy compatible and I've ridden one for a couple of years without a lick of problems. Guys on the race team used them too with much success.

Money shot of the bike. I took a side profile photo of the bike but lost it when attempting to transfer the photos off my memory card via card reader that is built into my laptop. The machine locked up mid transfer of files and the pix fell into the BIT bucket I believe. Oh yeah, Vittoria tires in Celeste' of course. You have to use the Queen's Green where ever possible.

Bicycles are art. They are an expression of how we feel when we ride, a personality. Not every bike that you see in your lifetime you'll agree with, like or even be drawn to. This bike to me has class, IMOP. I loved building this, I loved the enthusiasm of the rider when he saw it for the first time on the stand upon picking it up at my garage. Bikes are passion and a passion that can only be defined by the parts that are selected and the miles poured into it.

Be sure to save me ride Bianchi fan.

Now go build some love!



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